Savings rate for November 2014

Last November was an awesome month as we set a new record: 39% of savings rate!!!
This is due to a low children daycare month because my wife could stay at home with children more often than expected.
Also, we didn't have any unplanned events such as last month.
Finally, our Christmas presents are budgeted so we save all year long. No surprise there neither ;)

My only regret with this new record is that I'm still stuck with Swissquote while my money could grow even faster at I can't wait to see this new service go live!

Some teasing for the next December savings rate post: we got our taxes' deduction reimbursement infos and it's surely going to help us set a new record in a row! Stay tuned!

I plan to create a dedicated page for my savings rate evolution, with a fancy graph. I'm sure it will motivate me even more, and hopefully inspire some of you too.
I'll keep you posted once it's live!

What about you? Was November good or bad due to Black Friday and Christmas presents?


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