Savings rate for October 2014

Last October could have been a super-cash-saving month as children weren't often at the daycare for various reasons. As you may know, this is one of our biggest expenses slot so we always look for options to lower this number - two benefits in one as we see more often our kids while saving lot of money!
Unfortunately, life brought his load of family issues and we had to travel to France way more often than expected. Thankfully, we didn't have to support more pain nor worry about extra-spending on gas and tolls as our cash cushion is built to resist way bigger events.

All in all, we ended up October with a savings rate of 26% of all our incomes. Still twice the amount of what the Swiss average household saves each month.
But hey! Do we Mustachians really wanna compete with the Swiss average? Not really, right!
MP's household current monthly target is at least 35%. We aim to increase more and more this number as time goes on. One of the simple rules we follow to help us saving more is that any of our future salary increases goes straight to our investment account. No discussion nor re-calculation: got a raise? Champagne! Then setup the automatic transfer to Swissquote (soon replaced by MoneyVane hopefully)!

Looking at the current situation as of mid-November, the next report looks bright! But let's wait the very end of the month to get the real results and let's not start gambling ;)

That's it! What about you? What rate did you reach in October?!?


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