Business Idea #1 - YNAB World Tour 2015

I have many business ideas during the day, but I don't know if they are always relevant, or if it could really become a business one day. Hence I thought I would use this blog to draw a rapid Business Model Canvas [1] in order to get fast market feedback from you dear readers.
This is one of the most important entrepreneur's lesson I learnt during the past years: don't be scared of sharing your ideas, it won't get stolen, and you will get in return a huge benefit from the people you share it with!

So let's get started with the first idea that I had while reading about the Fully Charged Tesla Model S Tour 2014.

Business Model Canvas #1
YNAB World Tour 2015, 365 days to educate young (and less young) people to have their money under control

Key Partners

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Banking forums/conference
  • Country economic departments forums/conferences

Key Activities

  • Schedule the world tour events - liaising with Key Partners
  • Find the speakers for each country event(s)
  • Online Marketing (website, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Offline Marketing (flyers in Schools & Universities)

Key Ressources

  • YNAB core team
  • YNAB community (one YNABer/country event leading the event)
  • Catering
  • Conference room/slot
  • Website

Value Propositions

  • Personal finance knowledge sharing based on YNAB tool
  • Help young people start better their life thanks to financial sustainability
  • Use YNABers community experiences to improve personal finance management of each attendee

Customer Relationships

  • YNAB Tour website/blog
  • YNAB Tour Twitter
  • YNAB Tour Facebook
  • YNAB website/blog
  • YNAB Twitter account


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Website

Customer Segment

  • Students (and less young people) willing to improve their personal finance management
  • Students (and less young people) that want to get more wealth, but don't know that there is such a simple way to start as the YNAB one
  • Bank advertising department
  • Marketing team of country economic departments

Cost Structure

  • Catering and conference spots fees are covered by the host
  • Speakers traveling and talk fees
  • YNAB Tour team salaries and travel costs

Revenue Streams

  • Advertising spots during conference

Looking forward to reading your constructive feedbacks in the comment section below.




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