Exclusive teaser: screenshots of the YNAB iPad app!!!

(UPDATE 20.08.2014) Jesse from YNAB informed me that the YNAB iPad app is "in review" at Apple! What a great news! Yeah! Proof here: https://twitter.com/jessemecham/statuses/502111445320888325

A Saturday morning like any other, I was reading and browsing the web. While checking my Twitter account I ended on the YNAB website and more particularly on the mobile app features. Being a web developer at first, I got the idea to tweak the URL to see if by any chance some iPad teasing would be available...and YES!!!

You can see the following screenshot at the URL:- https://www.youneedabudget.com/features/ipad. (UPDATE: the page is now removed. Either this is because it was a real mistake for this page to be on production server and they are not ready yet to publish the iPad app on the AppStore; or because they are about to publish it very soon and they want to excite us even more writing article updates like this one!)

Below the future YNAB iPad app screenshots:

YNAB iPad app screenshot 1/5

YNAB iPad app screenshot 2/5

YNAB iPad app screenshot 3/5

YNAB iPad app screenshot 4/5

YNAB iPad app screenshot 5/5


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