"Mustachian Post" Intro

Who am I?

I'm an almost 30 years old Swiss guy, working in the IT industry. I'm also the proud father of two kids. And a very happy & lucky husband.

Why am I blogging?

I actually love to write stuff. I love it even more when it is useful to someone else. From that point, I thought that the topic (see point below) discussed here can be such a life change for anyone, that I started this blog to share my experience. I'm also blogging for myself in order to keep track of all the steps I'm going through while dealing with this topic.

What will I be blogging about?

I'm going to talk about money!

More precisely, I'm gonna blog about financial independence and the path I'm currently getting through to get there because I aim to have my life self-financed when reaching my 40.

I will also cover budgeting since that's the mean to track how well I'm getting close to my early retirement.

Life hacking will be a big part of my writings, presenting how I hack(ed) parts of my life to improve various spending areas, in order to save more money.

All these points will have in common Switzerland since that is where I live. And also because I found a huge amount of blogs about financial independence focused on US use cases - sometimes on Europe. But definitely too few talking in CHF ;)

How can you reach me?

The best way to contact me at the moment is via Twitter @mustachianpost.


"Your articles are great MP, but there are so many that I don't know where to start to achieve my financial freedom. What would you recommend?"

After 1 year of deep work, here is my answer condensed in a single work:

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